Who I Am:

Hi, I’m Eric Gabriel, a musician, writer and web content designer located near San Diego, California.

I’m the keyboardist for both The Naked Funk Project (alongside legendary Parliament Funkadelic bassist, Lige Curry), and The Hempstring Orchestra, an original rock band from Orange County.

When I’m not creating music, I offer my services as a wordsmith and content creator. My primary tools are WordPress, Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere and Sonar.

What I Do:

I write, perform and produce many different styles of music including jazz, rock, funk, pop, and orchestral. I've worked with a number of professional artists and corporate clients. I am a Grammy-nominated songwriter and a graduate of the Musician's Institute.
I play with words in a professional capacity. My goal is to always deliver crisp and concise text, while still sounding human. If you find that the right words sometimes escape you, I can help you to fill in the blanks.
Web Content Creator
I create visual content for branding, marketing, social media, video, print and websites. I work primarily within WordPress and the Adobe CC Suite.
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