A Golden Evening

Down in San Diego, there is a legendary house band at Winston’s in Ocean Beach. They’ve packed them in every Monday night for well over 20 years with their unique take on the hallowed music of the Grateful Dead. They play other artists too, but there is always a big heaping of Dead served up when Electric Waste Band plays.

How legendary are they? Well, NBA Hall of Famer Bill Walton, a devout and beloved deadhead for decades, has given his official seal of approval and sits in with the band whenever he has a chance.

Last night was one of those nights, and it just so happens that I got a call to sub on this particular gig. I immediately said yes, not only because I love playing with this band, but also because I love this particular venue – an outdoor gig right on a beautiful San Diego golf course, surrounded by plenty of trees and an ocean breeze. Yeah, my kind of gig. Absolutely.

And then my dental nightmare began.

About two weeks ago, I had some emergency dental work

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