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Russell Scott CEO, Creative Director, Jetset Studios

“Eric is a phenomenal writer who can delve into the heart of the assignment and find a story to tell, which is something that few writers can actually do.

Eric is extremely versed in pop culture and is an excellent editor. He also has an extensive musical background which gives him invaluable insight, and his performing experience makes him a true team player.

I give Eric my highest recommendation.”

Kim Cox Principal, Secret Valley Media Labs

“Eric’s talents span so many disciplines – writing, music composition, performing, producing – each tackled with passion, creativity and dedication.

Each time I’ve hired Eric as a copywriter or composer he’s consistently delivered great work along with a great attitude. It’s always a true pleasure to work with him.”

Heidi Powers Freelance Writer + Editor + Interactive Producer

“Eric is a whip-smart copywriter with the added benefit of being a positive, responsible team member as well as a genuinely pleasant collaborator.

His extensive copy and content for Retroland.com and the Retroland blog is solid evidence that if you need any amount of copy at a quick pace and packed with cleverness, Eric should be your go-to wordsmith.”

Robin Cox Manager of Media Design at Sodexo

“Eric is a rare man who possesses tremendous creative talents in multiple disciplines. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Eric for over two decades on a variety of projects. His writing style is engaging and informative – one that leaves the reader hungry for the next paragraph.

His musical abilities are staggering. Whether he is scoring the sensitive dynamics required of a documentary film or playing any of several instruments he has mastered, Eric is always tasteful and demonstrates skills his peers can only hope for. In short, Eric is a wonderful and likable man whose talents are in a very high league.”

Matthew Selznick Creative Services for Indies, Small Business, and Big Entertainment

“Eric’s fast, utterly professional, and powerfully focused. I unreservedly, eagerly recommend him for content management, writing, and community management projects, and I look forward to having the opportunity to work with him again!”